By Serena Robar

Colby Blanchard is the preferred cheerleader with the grades, the hunky boyfriend, and the homecoming crown within the bag. Then issues cross bad-like turning-into-a-vampire undesirable. And complicating issues is the truth that her orthodontist father has got rid of her canines enamel to provide her an ideal smile, so she cannot even do the vampire factor thoroughly. fortunately, he is becoming her with a few new headgear so she will feed. (So now she's not only a vampire yet a dork.) This lighthearted debut may have Buffy lovers of every age giggling and shuddering as Colby battles the Vampire Council, resists her appeal to a fellow vamp, and hunts down the rogue bloodsucker who acquired her during this mess within the first place-all whereas attempting to snag a date for homecoming.

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Aunt Chloe squinted at my mother. ” Mom nodded. ” Mom and I looked at each other and her in confusion. ” I asked. “Your fangs are gone, dear. Fangs are canine teeth. You had those removed. ” I opened my mouth but nothing came out when the logic of what she said sank in. It made sense. Before I drank my mom’s blood, I’d experienced a throbbing pain in my mouth. More specifically, in my upper gums. Crap. “Great! That’s just great. Not only am I a vampire, but I’m a mutant vampire. ” “Well, I’d say the problem is a little more than that.

It was time to face the family. Dad hadn’t said a word, so I left it to Mom to fill him in on the details. As I walked out, I grabbed my sunglasses off the dresser and slipped them on. I glanced at myself in the hallway mirror and thought, Not bad. If you knew me you would think I was a tad under the weather because of the pale skin, but other than that, I looked just like me. To my surprise, the bite and scratches had faded away in the shower. My skin looked perfect again. M. when I finally reemerged.

I felt a warm liquid enter my mouth and I gagged. He was poisoning or drugging me! ” a final time, pushing him with all my might, punching him in the nose again. We both struggled to our feet. I was ready to run but he grabbed me by the throat and held me up. For someone who looked so average, he was amazingly strong. My feet were dangling in the air and I was clutching at his hands. He was having a tough time keeping a good grip on me because I struggled so. He finally lost his temper. I went sailing through the air like a rag doll.

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