By Annie Sussel, Isabelle Perrin, Bernard Cros

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Aussi +adj que... il,t,]p ·j·lI a number [A] a figure =a digit [I] an Arabic / Roman numeral zero =nought a couple of [A) a dozen [A) a / one hundred [A) a / one thousand [au) un nombre / un numero un chiffre un chiffre arabe / romain zero deux ou trois une dizaine / douzaine (de) cent, une centaine (de) mille, un millier (de) a / one million [I) a / one billion a hundred or so = about a hundred the umpteenth [i:) cardinal [a:) ordinal [):) odd'" even [i:) countless [au) to count to number [A) Ie enieme cardinal ordinal impair'" pair innombrable compter 1.

C. By mixing white and black, you obtain d. Olive ... is not a gaudy colour. e. She was wearing a very bright lemon dress. f. He was ... with envy. g. He had been in a fight; he was all and blue. 33 t 34 t Traduisez en anglais. a. De quelle couleur est ton nouveau manteau? b. II a change de couleur en nous voyant. c. II est devenu rouge comme une tomate. la totalite 2. Ie tout sufficient'" insufficient [I) suffisant '" insuffisant scarce =rare =sparse rare abundant =plentiful abondant numerous [j u:) nombreux superfluous [3:) superflu excessive [e ) excessif included [u:) incius, compris extra =additional supplementaire the only + nom le(s) seul(s) +nom each chaque every + nom sing tous les + nom pl.

How lon& will they stay? They're going to stay here for two weeks. How often do they visit you? Every two years / Every other year While I'm working, he is playing. m. m. Sooner or later In the short term / In the long term They help us whenever they can. To keep on doing sth Quelle heure est-il ? II est deux heures / deux heures dix / deux heures et quart / deux heures et demie / trois heures moins Ie quart / trois heures moins dix. £tre aI'heure ¢ etre en retard Juste atemps Pour Ie moment ..

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