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Curl, S . H . , Vatter, A . ,Sandberg, A . ,andSiraganian,R. P . , J. Immunol 727;1318 (1981). Clark, W. , Bammann, L. , and Gibbons, R. , Infect. Immun. 7P;846 (1978). Clark, W. , Webb, E. , Wheeler, T. , Birdsell, D. C , andMansheim, B. , Infect. Immun. 33:908 (1981). Costello, A . Η . , Cisar, J. , Kolenbrander, P. Ε . , 7Aí/ecr. 7mmw«. 2(5;563 (1979). Ellen, R. P . , Walker, D . , and Chan, R. H . , 7. Bacteriol 134:1111 (1978). Engel, D . , / . Immunol 118:1466 (1977). H a m m o n d , B.

Odontolyticus X363 1 55 Rothia dentocariosa X599 X347 1 I 0 0 Arachnia propionica W857 1 41 "Data is expressed as percent adsorption relative to the adsorption of strain T14 V. * The presence or absence of surf ace fimbriae is indicated by + A ; strains with <10fimbriae per cell width are indicated by ±. ^These strains possessed a microcapsule surrounding the cell and its associated fibrils. , Infecí. Immun. ) Α. viscosus: Adherence to Teeth 41 TABLE IL Adsorption Inhibition of A. viscosus Strain T14V by Anti-strain Τ 14 V Sera Preadsorbed with Selected Actinomyces Strains.

Although consistent with results reported for water soluble mitogen from Nocardia (Gmelig-Meyling and Waldmann, 1981),these findings need further confirmation. , 1980). The role of Epstein-Barr virus, a well-known human PBA, needs further clarification. Embedded into such an abundance of stimuli, oligoclonal and polyclonal ones, from oral microorganisms, it is fair to ask:(i) What normally controls these lymphocytes from unrestricted proliferation, differentiation, and antibody-production? and (ii) Once the control system(s) fails which molecular pathomechanisms are involved in the destruction of soft and hard periodontal tissues?

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