By Roy Willis (Author), Patrick Curry (Author)

Mainstream technological know-how has lengthy brushed off astrology as primitive superstition. but, from day-by-day horoscopes to personalised celebrity forecasts, astrology nonetheless performs a very important function in organizing many people's daily lives. There has, even though, been no convincing clarification of its charm. Astrology, technological know-how and tradition eventually fills this hole. Willis and Curry take on astrology's wealthy background, its complex dating to psychology, and its makes an attempt to turn out its personal validity. They argue that astrology has its roots within the Neolithic tradition of Europe and the center East yet, faraway from being a relic of years passed by, it nonetheless demanding situations its rivals' unquestioning trust in traditional glossy technology. Groundbreaking in its reconciliation of astrology's historic traditions and its modern day utilization, this ebook impressively unites philosophy, technological know-how, anthropology, and historical past. it's the first exploration of the intimate connection of humankind and the celebrities from the sunrise of pre-history to the current day.

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To this inventory could be added the ancient Indian concept of Orion (called Skanda or Karttikeya in Sanskrit), who headed a great celestial army and let his arrows fly against the White Mountain, or Milky Way (Krupp 1991: 215). The list could certainly be prolonged, though to little purpose, since our point here is that, pace de Santillana and von Dechend, we do not need to choose between terrestrial and celestial dimensions of mythical semantics: our theory of myth as cosmic dialogue requires instead that we admit both on equal terms.

In a rich medley of ochre, charcoal and ash, the secret and the sacred stand together (1977: 66–7) The very earth is shaped by this story that binds together so many elements of Aboriginal culture. : 67). G. Frazer remarked on the important role played by the Pleiades in the calendars of tribal peoples worldwide, adding that ‘for reasons which at first sight are not obvious savages appear to have paid more attention to this constellation than to any other group of stars in the sky’ (1925, vii, 307).

In desperation, the women climbed up behind them, but the thief, who brought up the rear, cut the vine as soon as he arrived in the sky. The women fell to earth, and changed into wild animals when they landed. In punishment for their wickedness the boys were changed into stars – 42 – Actors on the Celestial Stage and spend every night looking on the sad state of their mothers. It is their eyes we see shining up there. Another myth quoted by Lévi-Strauss, from the Matako people of the Amazon, illustrates the characteristic nature of mythopaeic thought in the way it plays on the same set of cosmic contrasts apparent in the Bororo story, although here the overt theme addressed by the Matako tale is the origin of women: Formerly, men were animals with the gift of speech.

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