By Robert A. Samson (auth.), J. E. Smith (eds.)

The genus Aspergillus has a world distribution and is among the most typical of all teams of fungi. they're potentially the best contami­ nants of normal and man-made natural items, and some species could cause infections in guy and animals. The aspergilli also are the most very important mycotoxin-producing teams of fungi while turning out to be as contaminants of cereals, oil seeds, and different meals. no longer all aspergilli are considered as problematical contaminants, notwithstanding, as a number of species have had their metabolic features harnessed for advertisement use. The aspergilli have lengthy been linked within the some distance East with the koji level of a number of foodstuff fermentations, quite soy sauce and miso, and for this reason as a resource of worthy enzymes. the power of those fungi to supply numerous natural acids, specifically citric acid, has created significant commercial complexes around the world. conventional tools of pressure enhance­ ment were greatly studied with the commercial lines, whereas extra lately, recombinant DNA expertise has been utilized to the aspergilli with emphasis on heterologous protein construction. In compiling this ebook, i've been lucky to have the complete enthu­ siastic involvement of the authors, and to them I expand my very thankful thank you for as a rule being on time and for generating such readable and authoritative chapters. jointly, we are hoping that our efforts will increase the medical figuring out of this fascinating crew of filamentous fungi and extra their use within the box of biotechnology.

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Seven mutants shown in Fig. 3, obtained from diploid D-013, were found to exhibit improved productivities of the two enzymes. Another 6 mutants shown in Fig. 3 were also obtained from diploid D-063. In the case of the mutation of usual haploid strains, no mutant showing simultaneous increases in the productivities of the two enzymes has ever been obtained. It was interesting that in the diploid mutants, both enzyme activities increased simultaneously (Fig. 3). 2. Haploidization of Heterozygous Diploids In an attempt to investigate haploidization of the heterozygous diploids and, if possible, to improve their enzyme productivities, the two diploids selected were treated with a haploidizing agent, FPA or benomyl.

Cristatus A. crustosus A. crystqllinus A. deflectus A- diversus Number of strains 6 1 3 Longest survival period (yr) Shortest survival period all remain viable (yr) 19 23 21 20 21 19 1 21 1 21 10 1 2 4 2 3 4 2 1 2 1 1 4 2 10 13 17 25 14 7 12 18 14 12a 1 12 10 13 13 17 20 14 7 12 1 14 12 1 12 10 13 18 1 16 23 1 18 14 12 1 1 1 17 1 18 14 12 1 11 11 1 19 20 14 13 12 18 20 21 17 20 1 19 20 14 13 12 18 20 21 1 ( continued) PHYSIOLOGY OF ASPERGILLUS Table VII. (Continued) Species A. duricaulis A. ebumeocremeus A.

1. ), Plenum Press, New York and London, pp. 221-228. Samson, R. , 1979, A compilation of the aspergilli described since 1965, Stud. Mycol. (Baam) 18:1-40. Samson, R. , 1992, Current taxonomic schemes of the genus Aspergillus and its telemorphs, in: Aspergillus: The Biology and Industrial Applications (J. W. Bennett and M. A. ), Butterworth, Heineman, Stoneham, London, pp. 353-388. Samson, R. , and Frisvad, J. , 1991a, Taxonomic species concepts of Hyphomycetes related to mycotoxin production, Proc.

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