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IV 268, VI 123. ), nag IV 116 (nan 152, 174, 183). 2. -dj-t (the drag), commonly appended to Verb- and quasi-Verb-, forms, usually PreteriteAorist, in n, r, I (e. g. bkrald, mjal-do, gyond, rtol-to, thalde, rhald, stsald), occurs also in forms not primarily Verbal, nan-to IV 5 ('is bad'), dmard IA 15 ('was red'), Rgyagard IV 160 ('India'). -dl-n: khrin IB 21, Ijod (hjon) IV 90, srad (sran) IV 59 etc. ) bsos has its usual meanings, (a) copulari, (b) victuals. 24 F. W. T h o m a s , Ancient Folk-literature from North-eastern Tibet 3.

T h o m a s , Ancient Folk-literature from North-eastern Tibet 3. Nasals: -n for -n, perhaps in most cases due to a lost -s, -ns having first become -ns, is seen in — stan/sten IV 103, 109, 167, 271, byon IV 44, branjhbran ( = bran) IA 25, 28, 106, mdzon (mtshon) IA 112—3, zon II 9, rlan-rlin IV 219, 236. -n for -n may be original in — hon IB 3—6, man IB 53, zwn IB 83, ron IA 41, 51 etc. Zin in IB 65—6, zin in VI 152 are doubtful. -n\-n are lacking in dgu(n) IV 269, Mre(rc) IB 80—1, IV 19 etc. -m is curious in — rgum (dgu) IV 239, dgum IV 228, drum (drun) IV141,154,168,205,263, gsum (gsun) II21.

This gives a different value on the whole to variations in the Prefixes of Verb-forms, where alternation in certain cases was normal, and in those of Nouns, where a morphological element, once incorporated, would be less exposed to substitution: thus certain instances, from Central Asia, of Prefix s alternating with Prefix g, e. g. sna = gha, 'witness', while they can hardly be phonetical, are also unlikely to be due to mere substitution. It is therefore probable t h a t the difference is dialectical, going back to the period of the original formation of the word, a view for which support is adducible.

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