By Kendall L. Su (auth.)

Analog filters are common in parts reminiscent of electronics, communications, controls and sign processing. it truly is fascinating for engineers and scholars in those components to have a legitimate figuring out of simple filter out idea. This publication is meant to be an intermediate point treatise of this topic. it may be used both as a textbook in a direction at both the undergraduate or graduate point, or as a reference for engineers who locate it valuable to have an introductory knowlege or a common evaluate of analog filters. It introduces the speculation in the back of filter out improvement and the layout options familiar in perform, together with the appliance of ordinary software program applications. wide use is made up of MATLAB for examples and challenge units, permitting readers to obtain familiarity with the tools for designing filters with a contemporary software program tool.

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9) given for the nth-order Butterworth magnitude characteristic. Thus, for the same passband ripple, the Chebyshev magnitude characteristic attenuates faster than the Butterworth characteristic outside the pass band. 2. 5 Since n must be an integer, we let n = 5. This is considerably lower than the n = 9 obtained in Example 1 in which a Butterworth magnitude characteristic is used. 3. 5 dB and n = 6. 25, and 2. 26) the new magnitude characteristic IHa(jw) I can be used as a highpass characteristic.

5 dB and n = 6. 25, and 2. 26) the new magnitude characteristic IHa(jw) I can be used as a highpass characteristic. For n = 7, this new characteristic is shown in Fig. 6. 6: Highpass characteristic with equal-ripple variation in the stop band. The magnitude characteristic IHa (jw) I is the complement of the Chebyshev lowpass characteristic. It has equal-ripple variation in the lowfrequency stop band. The stopband attenuation is 10 loge E2 / (1 + E2)) and the high-frequency pass band can be placed somewhere in the range w > 1 as symbolically represented in Fig.

1 General procedure We now outline the procedure that will enable us to obtain a network function H(s) when its IH(jw)1 (or equivalently, IH(jwW) is given. 1) Our current objective is just the opposite. 3) then we can write The procedure for obtaining a P(s) for a given A(w2 ) and that for obtaining a Q(s) for a given B(w 2 ) are mathematically identical. We shall arbitrarily choose to deal with A(w 2 ) and P(s). Since P(s) is a polynomial with real coefficients, its zeros must be either real or occur in conjugate pairs.

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