By Craig Shaw Gardner

Verse the second one within the Ballad of which an uninformed apprentice learns what comes after "Once upon a time..."

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It grabbed a corner of Brax’s sportcoat and blew its nose. “Guxx Unfufadoo, noble demon, Wants no more of fairy stories! ” Mother Duck replied drily. ” Guxx advanced on the old lady, his talons spread wide, ready to rip and shred. ” THREE The wise wizard should, if at all possible, avoid making plans during a crisis. The only problem with this advice is that the mage often discovers that the crisis has already made plans for the wise wizard. The Teachings of Ebenezum, VOLUME VII Guxx advanced on Mother Duck.

Mother Duck regarded the performers, all the color drained from her face. “All I want to do is create,” she moaned. ” Damsel and Dragon continued: “First you fling your right foot, fast and free; You might crush a bush, you might crush a tree. Then you kick your left foot, what a romp; And if they don’t like it—Stomp! Stomp! ” Damsel and Dragon crushed a large amount of underbrush under foot for emphasis before they launched once again into the chorus: “Don’t you act so nonchalant, Let’s both go where the dancing’s hot!

Indeed,” he began, for that word seemed to help him to think. ” the Brownie exclaimed. There was a muffled sound from the direction of his belt, like someone hollering behind a closed door. ” Wuntvor said, or a sound very much like that. He looked down, and noticed that there was a sword and scabbard hanging from his belt. The lad grabbed the hilt of the weapon and pulled it free. ” the sword exclaimed. ” Wuntvor asked, confused by the weapon’s complaint. “About time for what? Have we met before?

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