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This definitive box advisor is the one advisor to exploit a completely built-in photographic method of profile the intense diversity of birds present in japanese North the US. The highest-quality images brings approximately 500 species to lifestyles at the web page, taking pictures their good looks and making identity quickly and easy. The 393 species most ordinarily visible east of the one hundredth Meridian (in the USA, the sector east of the Rocky Mountains) are featured in full-page profiles that emphasize the entire info had to determine them. Diagnostic pictures are silhouetted and obviously annotated, and any plumages, no matter if woman, juvenile, subspecies, and wintry weather or summer season, that fluctuate substantially from the first photo also are integrated and classified hence. specific related species packing containers convey the plumage that's such a lot similar-in a few circumstances the feminine or juvenile instead of the featured adult-and the main major modifications are picked out. attractive context photos convey the poultry at domestic, in its basic habitat or acting habit that's commonplace of that species. Schematic works of art convey the form and posture of the chook in flight in addition to its colour, and a diagram of its flight development can also be integrated. The border of Texas and Mexico is a well-liked vacation spot due to the many species that may be noticeable nowhere else in jap North the United States. The 60 commonest of those southern gem stones are profiled of their personal part of quarter-page entries, each one with a beautiful photo annotated to show the main major box marks. A separate part profiles forty four species which are really unusual or neighborhood of their distribution.

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VOICE Basic a call nasal whouk, kowk, or kow-luk, also higherpitched heenk; feeding call a series of hu-hu-hur. NESTING Scrapes on hummock, lined with plant material and down; 2– 6 eggs; 1 brood; May–July. FEEDING Grazes on aquatic and terrestrial vegetation, including stems, seeds, leaves, tubers, and roots; also grain and young leaves in agricultural fields in winter. TOUCHING DOWN Snow Geese are well known for migrating in flocks that number in the tens of thousands. 36 Breeding colonies in High Arctic from Wrangel Island in the West to Greenland in the East; a population of “lesser” Snow Geese breeds near Hudson Bay.

FLIGHT: direct strong flight; one of the fastest ducks; forms V-shaped flocks. DEEP WATER Canvasbacks prefer deeper-bodied waters that support the aquatic vegetation they eat. 55 Found in potholes, marshes, and ponds in prairie parkland, tundra; northerly forests preferred where their favorite foods grow. Winters in large numbers in large bays and lakes, and deltas, with smaller numbers scattered across North America and Mexico. 6kg) Social Flocks Lifespan Up to 22 years Status Secure DATE SEEN 54 WHERE NOTES WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Species Aythya americana Redhead yellow eye dark-gray forewing dark crown MALE brick-red head MALE (ECLIPSE) tawny brown overall black breast white band yellow eye gray bill with black tip IN FLIGHT FEMALE medium-gray mantle and sides brick-red upper neck and head long blue bill with black tip black rump black lower neck MALE T he Redhead, a medium-sized diving duck belonging to the Pochard group, is native only to North America.

471 crested tufts white sides Length 15–18in (38–46cm) Wingspan 24–25in (62–63cm) Weight 11⁄8 –2lbs (500–900g) Social Flocks Lifespan Up to 20 years Status Secure DATE SEEN 56 WHERE NOTES WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Species Aythya marila Greater Scaup medium to dark brown overall gray forewing MALE (NONBREEDING) broad, white wing stripe IN FLIGHT gray-brown sides JUVENILE smooth, round, black head with purple-green gloss FEMALE (NONBREEDING) blue-gray bill, wider at tip gray-frosted shoulder feathers and sides wavy-patterned gray back FEMALE (BREEDING) gray-andbrown back MALE (BREEDING) great swimmer and diver, the Greater Scaup is the only diving duck (genus Aythya) that breeds both in North America and Eurasia.

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