By Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

Is God love, or is He justice - can those photographs be reconciled?

Now you could discover God's darkish part to solve, as soon as and for all, a stumbling block of religion that makes trusting God tough for thousands. This eye-opening examine God's actual personality might help you and others locate belief in a writer who needs to stability justice and mercy.

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As He condescends to patiently involve Himself in that which He could obliterate, He lets sin, and His reaction to it, muddy up His public image. Why does He take such a risk? Is it because He wants things His way, and He’ll do whatever it takes to get it? Not at all. God risks being misunderstood and vilified for His “negativity” because His selfless love mandates that He take action against that which would cause our ruin. Jealousy, wrath, condemnation, judgment, punishment, all of these seemingly harsh attributes and actions find their wellspring in God’s holy love.

8. This is the moral “straightness” from which Lucifer diverged when he gave himself over to iniquity—the internal bending or twisting away from God’s actuating principle of unselfish uprightness. 9. html 10. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1981 [originally published 1880]), p. 307; emphasis supplied. 11. From Hochman. Chapter Four The Day Love Died It starts with a sideways glance or two, accompanied by curiosity and admiration. Perhaps a conversation follows, and thoughts and feelings connect.

We’ve all experienced the sense of defeat that gnaws at our fragile parental self-esteem at the end of a hard day of hand-to-hand combat. We’ve sent our kids to bed in utter frustration, only to find ourselves drawn to their bedside, watching them drift off to sleep. As the tension dissolves from their faces and their features grow mellow with innocence, our hearts melt with tenderness and affection. How could I have been angry with you? we wonder. Tomorrow will be a better day; you’ll be good and I won’t have to punish, we vow, as we plant a lingering kiss on their cheek.

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