By John Marincola

This two-volume spouse to Greek and Roman Historiography displays the recent instructions and interpretations that experience arisen within the box of old historiography long ago few decades.

  • Comprises a sequence of innovative articles written by means of acknowledged scholars
  • Presents huge, chronological remedies of significant matters within the writing of background and antiquity
  • These are complemented via chapters on person genres and sub-genres from the 5th century B.C.E. to the fourth century C.E.
  • Provides a sequence of interpretative readings at the person historians
  • Contains essays at the neighbouring genres of tragedy, biography, and epic, between others, and their courting to history

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Chronography shares with local history, however, a style of dating by annual magistrates, in Hellanicus’ case, the year of office of the chief priestess of Hera at Argos. Under this rubric, Hellanicus arranged the events of individual years, not only for Argos but also for all Greece. Thus despite its ‘‘local’’ dating system, the Priestesses is Panhellenic and embraces events throughout Greece. 2007 8:23pm Compositor Name: SJoearun 6 John Marincola The most important sub-genre of all for Jacoby was contemporary history (Zeitgeschichte), the writers of which he defined as ‘‘those authors who without local restriction narrated the general Greek history of their own time or up to their own time’’ (Jacoby 1909: 34).

Math. SHA Sil. Sozom. Quad. Tyr. Quadrigae Tyrranorum (Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus and Bonosus) Silius Italicus, Latin poet, ca. 26–101 CE Punica (Punic Wars) Sophocles, Athenian tragedian, 5th c. BCE Aj. Ajax Ant. Antigone El. Electra OC Oedipus Coloneus OT Oedipus Tyrannus Phil. Philoctetes Trach. Trachiniae (Women of Trachis) Sozomen, Greek historian, 5th c. CE Historia Ecclesiastica Statius, Latin poet, 1st c. CE Silvae Strabo, Greek geographer and historian, 1st c. Geog. Suet. biographies of emperors Hadrian Silv.

BG Homer, Greek epic poet, prob. 7th c. Il. Iliad Od. Odyssey Horace, Latin poet, 1st c. B CE BCE Ars Ars Poetica Carm. Carmina or Odes Epist. Epistulae Sat. Satirae or Sermones BCE Marincola: Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography 1405102162_1_prevol1 Final Proof page xxx xxx Hyp. Ancient Authors: Abbreviations Hyperides, Athenian orator, 389–322 Dem. Isid. Jer. Jord. Jos. Jul. BCE Against Demosthenes Isidore, bishop of Seville, ca. 600–636 Orig. Isoc. 2007 7:24pm Compositor Name: PAnanthi CE Origines (also called Etymologiae) Isocrates, Athenian orator, 436–338 Antid.

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