By Michael N. Smith

What have been they thinking?

Ever seeing that Adam snacked at the forbidden fruit and was once chased bare out of the backyard of Eden, mankind has bitten off a bevy of undesirable ideas.

From skinny-dipping Presidents to poisonous the teeth fillings to making a song pop stars who can't hold a song, 100 of the Worst principles in History is a party of humanity's historical—and frequently hysterical—missteps that experience began wars, sunk international locations, wrecked businesses, scuttled careers, misplaced thousands, or even endangered the Earth.


• How a careworn chauffeur helped commence global battle I

• Who grew to become down the best product placement chance in Hollywood history

• How a Chicago White Sox video game helped hasten the death of disco

• The toad that almost ate Australia

• the main risky children's video game ever invented

• And a lot more (of lots less!)

Spanning politics, popular culture, style, activities, expertise, and extra, this irreverent and witty publication is jam-packed with enjoyable images and sidebars, tracing how those thundering brainstorms changed into blundering mind farts—and the marvelous affects our fake pas and foibles nonetheless have on us this day.

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Universal follows suit. Then others hop onto the no-way-Georgy bandwagon. , head of 20th Century Fox. He loves the movie—and inquires about any other ideas Lucas might have for future films. to worse: luCk: Lucas introduces him to Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, R2-D2, and the host of Star Wars characters now part of cinematic lore. Ladd eventually agrees to produce the movie, which ultimately earns $800 million in box office sales alone. ” Much, of course, to the chagrin of all those studio naysayers. indd 41 41 4/10/14 9:49 AM don’t tase Me, Bro— (and don’t sing to Me either) the Bad idea: Feature crime fighters with guns in their hands and a song in their hearts to create the musical tV drama Cop Rock.

At a 1989 MTV live concert, Rob and Fab are lip-synching and gyrating to their monster hit “Girl You Know It’s True” when the recording skips—forcing them to repeat the same line of the song over and over. The Milli Vanilli fraud is exposed! dumb Outraged fans demand that the musical impostors be strung up by their dreadlocks. Dozens of lawsuits follow. Arista Records breaks their recording contract. The band’s Best New Artist Grammy Award is returned in shame. Their short-lived careers in disarray, Fab slips into obscurity and Rob dies of a drug overdose in 1998.

Indd 24 Michael N. Smith and Eric Kasum 4/10/14 9:44 AM bring on the Blunder: Based on the discovery of Neanderthal Man (1856, in Germany), Cro-Magnon Man (1868, in France), and Heidelberg Man (1907, also in Germany), humankind’s first steps seem to have been taken on the mainland of Europe. In response, British archaeologists work feverishly to outdo their French and German rivals in an effort to uncover the “missing link” on English soil. ” from bad Propitiously, in 1912, amateur archaeologist Charles Dawson stumbles upon Piltdown Man—ancient skull fragments uncovered in an English quarry that appear to be part man, part ape.

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